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This is where you will find everything you need to add great haptics to your Android applications using our Haptic Development Platform. We have prepared tools and documentation specifically tailored for you, in order to make haptics easy and rewarding to integrate.
Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find on this site.

  • Haptic SDK: Download tools to integrate haptics into your app.
  • Dev Guide: API description, tutorials and design guides. Start here to understand the Haptic SDK
  • Reference: HTML reference for the Haptic API
  • Resources: Sample code, contributed examples, developer forum
  • TouchSense® Phones: While the Haptic SDK is optimized to work on all Android 2.1 or higher handsets, the effects are best experienced on a handset with Immersion's TouchSense embedded technology. View this page to see the latest TouchSense handsets in the market.

We’re glad that you’re here to explore haptics. Let us know how we could improve this site further by posting feedback on our Forum.


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The latest information on the Haptic Development Platform...

Haptic Effects Library SDK / UHL v3.7.43.0 Released

The Haptic Effect Library SDK / UHL Released v3.7.43.0

An update to our Haptic SDK, aka Universal Haptic Layer has received a major update to include enhancements, bug fixes, and addressing known issues.


Immersion Releases Haptic Muse Effect Preview App for Android Game Developers

Experience Over 120 Pre-designed Haptic Effects and the Value of Multi-modal Game Design!

The Haptic Muse app invites developers into a haptic museum with galleries built around common gaming use cases, like sports, transportation, combat and casinos. As developers browse through the museum, they can select items on display, and then watch, feel and hear them come to life.


Immersion Expands Haptic SDK with New Plug-ins and Integration

Three New Game Development Platforms include Unity, YoYo Games' GameMaker: Studio and Marmalade

Immersion's haptics, which is used by leading development houses, including Sega, Rockstar Games and Gamevil, adds visceral excitement and intuitive feedback to Android games. The Haptic SDK includes a library of pre-designed haptic effects, which is now accessible to developers without leaving their preferred coding framework.