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Immersion’s Haptic Gaming SDK provides the tools needed for application developers to create differentiated and engaging user experiences with high quality tactile effects--and, it’s really quite simple. Our Haptic Tools section offers:


Haptic Gaming SDK: Haptic Effects Library / UHL (Universal Haptic Layer)

Don’t settle on just a basic buzz vibration! Feel the difference between the rapid weapon fire of a machine gun…‘tat, tat, tat’ versus the resonating “boom” of a double-barrel shotgun.

Immersion’s Haptic Gaming SDK includes the code needed to create a Universal Haptic Layer to enable touch feedback instantly in Android applications. Significantly cut down development time – eliminate the need to specify motor on/off times. Included in the UHL file is a library of 124 pre-designed tactile effects, that has many choices from categories like: UI, weapons, collision, engine or alerts. The UHL file comes in the form of a JAR file and .SO file and contains all the classes, interfaces, and algorithms necessary to create great haptics.

Try it now for free. The Evaluation SDK or Plugins are free and available for immediate download. The Evaluation kit is not for
commercial release, but when you're ready to launch your game, submit a request for a license file for commercial release.

To request download of the Light or Full version of Immersion's Gaming SDK or Plugins complete the registration form. Immersion will contact you
directly to verify your information and provide you with a link for download. Request may take 2-3 business days to process.


Haptic Gaming SDK Quickstart Guide - Chinese (pdf) Haptic Gaming SDK Quick Start Guide

Haptic library: 124 tactile effects X X X
Commercial Term 1 Yr. License 2 Yr. License*
UX Design Team Support X
Custom Designed Game Demo X
Technical Support Service X
Quality Control
Pricing Free Free Service-based
Evaluation Request Haptic Gaming SDK Light Request Haptic Gaming SDK Full

*The full version SDK offers a 2 year license plus 2 additional years of usage rights.
Supports Android versions 2.1 and later.


Haptic Plugin for Unity 3DUnity

Unity 3D Haptic Plugin Quickstart Guide

Unity is a flexible and high-performance development platform used to make interactive 3D and 2D experiences. Unity
Technologies boasts a thriving community of over 1.8 million developers including large publishers, indie studios, students, and

The Haptic Plugin for Unity allows you to access the functionality of the Haptic Effects Library within Unity3D apps for Android. It is available for free by requesting the Evaluation SDK at touchsense.com.

Note: MacOS X users have reported a download issue with some browsers. The downloaded file must have a file extension of ".unitypackage"
for Unity3D to recognize and import it. If your downloaded file has an extension of ".gz", rename the file to "anyname.unitypackage".
More information about the cause of this issue is at http://smallablearning.com/content/unitypackage-unzipping-gotcha.


Haptic Plugin for MarmaladeMarmalade

Marmalade Haptic Plugin Quickstart Guide

Marmalade is the powerful cross platform SDK support that is used in apps by top games developers all over the world.
Working in C++, HTML5 or Lua, apps made with Marmalade can take developers ‘closer to the metal’, taking full advantage of the
power of modern mobile hardware. Marmalade features support for a wide-range of device-specific features, including with this
plugin extension, haptics for Android!

The Haptic Plugin for Marmalade allows you to access the functionality of the Haptic Effects Library within Unity3D apps for Android. It is available for free by requesting the Evaluation SDK at touchsense.com.


Haptic Effect Preview App

Haptic Effect Preview is directed to developers who are implementing tactile feedback (also referred to as haptics or "rumble") into their applications. This application is used to preview, or feel, all the haptic effects that are included in Immersion’s Universal Haptics Layer (UHL) library. Developers are invited to learn more about the UHL at developer.immersion.com.

The Haptic Effect Preview application is available for free on Google Play.